About Us

We at Jewels of the East are proud to work with Artisans from different countries and strive to bring their exquisite creations to our clients. The art of creating true masterpieces has been carried forward by generations of brilliantly creative people.

Whether it is a piece of hand crafted one-of-a-kind Baltic Amber jewelry from the beautiful city of Gdansk Poland, or a glamorous piece of jewelry from artisans in Turkey, a country where the east meets the west, our jewelry is an extraordinary work of art.

Whether they are handmade jewelry from the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, or hand embroidered shawls and scarves from the breathtaking valleys of Kashmir, these pieces of wearable art are truly remarkable.

We are beyond delighted to have the opportunity to bring these treasures to you.

Liquid Glow – Amber

So many years ago
Where ancient forests grew
The scented resin filtered slow
Downward, gold in hue;
The strange and varied insects caught
In unavailing struggles fought,
Entombed forever.

Then over all the conquering seas
Now covered all the land
And swept away the tall pine trees
With nature's ruthless hand.
So many treasures buried deep
the mighty waves were still to sweep
For centuries.

And thus when land and sew revealed
Their secret, held so long
This precious thing the depths concealed
Was amber, light and strong.
The colours glowing red and gold,
A transformation to behold -
A Jewel

-- Rosa Hunger

Generational Talent- The story behind our shawls and scarves

In the valleys of Kashmir lie the treasures of human talent, a creative mind and all the natural resources needed to design these works of art.

Pieces that graced the courts of the Royal Mughal empire now worn by women to add elegance and color to their entire ensemble.

A legacy that began hundreds of years ago has been carried through generations to bring the art of Aari embroidery and fine needlework to make intricate patterns on delicate yet warm Pashmina/Cashmere wool. Functional yet fashionable pieces that have the delicacy of a feather and portray the genius of a true craftsman.